We addapt our core to your needs!

The First Choice in Thermoplastic Honeycombs

Tubus Bauer is a vertically integrated designer, developer and manufacturer of thermoplastic honeycomb products based on tubular structures. The company uses high performance polymers that permit extensive flexibility in the production of customized products. The co-extrusion process of manufacturing honeycomb products has been patented by Tubus Bauer. 


Tubus Bauer products are sold under the brand name "Tubus Core". The company has two operating units: 

1. Tubus Bauer GmbH in Wallbach, Germany - manufactures polycarbonate and polyetherimide based honeycomb products for a wide range of applications in industrial and aerospace markets.

2. ATS, LLC in South Carolina, USA, is the exclusive commercialization partner for the North American market.


Tubus Bauer’s patented honeycomb extrusion technology is the basis for the most frequently used core material in the composite industry worldwide. Tubus Core is the global leader when it comes to honeycomb products made from polypropylene, polycarbonate and polyetherimide. 

Due to its focus on thermoplastic solutions, Tubus Bauer has become a proficient and reliable partner to a wide range of industries with specialized needs since its foundation in 1972. One of the company's key strengths is developing customized solutions in cooperation with the customer and finding the most cost-efficient delivery methods.
Meeting even the highest customer expectations in service and quality is Tubus Bauer's modus operandi.

Our patented production process allows us to turn virtually any thermoplastic polymer into a structural honeycomb. If you are looking for a special polymer which you cannot find on our web site, please let us know and we will develop it for you - see our "Contact Us" page for details.

“We adapt our core to your needs”